Aabar Group | Company drilling, disinfection and maintenance of underground wells

Abar Group Company is one of the Egyptian pioneers and specialized companies in Drilling groundwater wells, supplying and installing all types of deep pumps and accessories such as cables, pipes and protection panels.
The company has been established on 1995 AD, and until now it has performed a lot of projects over Egypt
The company follows advanced scientific methods in performing its projects, through specialized engineers and geologists to make a description of the site and the layers of soil and the preparation of technical reports after the completion of work, where the company includes a homogeneous team combining experience and enthusiasm and also includes a selection of specialists in many departments that cooperate to provide the best Services for customers of the company
The company performs its projects through a well-trained team at the highest level by using the latest necessary equipment and machinery.
The company is also keen to raise the efficiency of teamwork and upgrading them constantly by participating in specialized training courses and follow-up all new to make the team a one homogeneous family is doing all its energies to always provide the best service to our customers.

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Why choose Aabaar Group !

Because Aabar Group is a specialized company, which means? It means equipment that will dig, supply, install, operate and also protect

Because Aabar Group has a feature that is not present at the end, because it manufactures the equipment that it operates with, meaning that it volunteers its equipment to perform the required purpose, such as the developer Alqayson digging up to 350 m and in difficult lands

Because Aabar Group has enough experience in solving the problems of wells, pumps and expertise, which came from the number of previous ones that it implemented from 1995.

With Abar Group, you can deal with one entity to deliver all required work, in addition to being characterized by accuracy and efficiency.

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