Solar Energy

Solar Energy


    solar energy companies in Egypt

    Abaar Group is one of the best solar energy companies in Egypt ,For selling solar panels, installing and supplying solar energy stations completely
    Inverters, off grid, on grid, solar batteries.

    To provide effective solutions to preserve the environment and reduce fuel use
    And that is by providing the best solar energy solutions with its components of the highest quality and the best price for residential and commercial use

    All types of solar panels

    jinko solar , Trina solar ,Suntech solar panels , GA solar

    All kinds of protection panels

    Mitsubishi -Daco – Schneider Electric

    All kinds of inverters

    Vichy inverter , Delxi inverter, Frecon inverter, Sanch inverter ,Jeffran invert

    Service features

    The most important thing that distinguishes Aabar Group from others in the field of solar energy
    Constant search for the best raw materials in the market at the best price and following up the market to find out everything new that we offer to our customers to provide high quality products at the best prices.
    Because solar energy is considered indispensable in the modern era, which has entered the industry in a large way
    Which is widely used in many different industries.

    We provide sales and services in all governorates of Egypt.
    Our products are the most diverse and efficient. We are agents and distributors of many international brands at the best selling price of solar energy. Warranties and a production guarantee are also offered at no additional cost

    Aabar Group is one of the best solar energy companies in Egypt. We hope to become a leading company in the world in the field of integrated solar energy.
    And drilling wells because our human resources, earning trust of our customers, and excellence in maintenance and after-sales service, which we consider the most important thing that distinguishes us. 24-hour maintenance team in all governorates of Egypt.

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