Drilling Wells


    We offer the best drilling wells cost
    The first step of Geophysical studies:

    -Exploring layers of the earth that will be drilled to help determine the appropriate type of excavation or the appropriate equipment, whether it is mechanical drilling, impactor drilling, or semi-mechanical drilling (caisson).
    -Explore surface water, which supports the decision to choose the appropriate depth of drilling and helps to choose the appropriate drilling equipment.
    -Determining the type of the underground tank and the extent of its capacity in the quantities of water.
    -After choosing the type of equipment and determining the appropriate depth of drilling, Then we determine the Well drilling cost 
    After that, the Next step stage of supplies is to choose the type of pipes suitable for the well, whether UPVC pipes or not iron pipes (seamless – petroleum),
    -Then pour out the well
    -After that, supplying and lowering the pump and lowering it after the pumping test,
    then follow-up and maintenance over the 24 hours and provide all kinds of consultation

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