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 Abaar Group is considered one of the best water well drilling companies in Egypt. The company specializes in drilling groundwater wells, sewage wells, and the purification of artesian wells. We also provide services for the development and rehabilitation of artesian wells, manual and mechanical cleaning of dug wells, and general groundwater services.

Abaar Group also offers services for the supply and installation of various types of submersible pumps at the best prices in Egypt. We provide Turkish, Italian, and Indian submersible pumps. We are authorized agents for renowned global brands in the field of water pumps, such as Impo Pump, IPMT Powertec Pump, KPS Pump, Water Mot Pump, VANSAN Pump, GRANDFOS Pump, EBARA Pump, GOULDS Pump, Caprari Pump, POLTIC Pump, SHAKTI Pump, LUBI Pump, HAMMER Pump, MAX Pump, SPA Pump, and DONGAN Pump.

Furthermore, we supply all types of marine cables, including Indian, Turkish, and Egyptian marine cables in various sizes and specifications. We also provide PVC pipes, as well as specialized pipes for groundwater well drilling. Our pipe offerings include Egypt Al-Nour Pipes, Egypt Al-Hijaz Pipes, Bahrain Pipes, and Amal Pipes, among others. We also supply draw pipes, Indian pump pipes, and other pipe accessories at the best prices in Egypt.

In addition, Abaar Group supplies seamless iron pipes, pipes for petroleum extraction, and iron pipes with flanges at the lowest prices in Egypt. We also provide all the necessary spare parts for these pipes, following the latest systems, sciences, and technologies.

Abaar Group is also known for its expertise in installing solar power stations and supplying all related components, including solar panels from reputable brands like Jinko Solar, Trina Solar, Suntech Solar Panels, and GA Solar. We offer various types of protective panels from Mitsubishi, Daco, and Schneider Electric, as well as inverters from Vichy, Delxi, Frecon, Sanch, and Jeffran.

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ابار جروب للمقاولات العامة وحفر الابار


Why Abaar Group


More than 25 years of Experience in water wells drilling, maintenance, and recovery

Guarantee and Trust:

10 years guarantee for wells and 2 years for wells supplies.

Great Team:

Great Team and Maintenance Center to help and give needed consultancy to assure project success.

From Start to ultimate:

we go with you through the project step by step, starting with a feasibility study and ending with preventive maintenance.


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